Zhongshanshi Guangshen Chefeng zhiping Co., Ltd. is located in Zhongshan. It has a beautiful environment and is located in an international comprehensive transportation hub. Water, land and air transportation is convenient and fast. The company has produced leather gloves, warm gloves, work gloves, outdoor sports gloves and other products for many years, and has unique skills and experience in glove technology.

We are a Manufacturing Company .We have always implemented the quality policy of “Quality First, Meet User Needs”, relying on scientific and technological progress and strict management. We have clear standards with a strict reward and punishment system. The company’s structure is flexible, and the internal competition is fierce.the employees are full of enthusiasm, working hard and pursuing innovation, making the company energetic and flourished.Under the joint efforts of all leaders and all employees , the company has achieved rapid development and outstanding achievements.

In addition, We have unique inclusiveness and particularity. The company has strong absorption and learning ability for excellent foreign culture. It can absorb positive factors in economic development, cultural progress and social transformation, and good ideas and experiences formed by other enterprises in practice. At the same time, it has the ability to withstand other ideologies that is contrary to the mainstream of corporate culture. Under the influence of such an inclusive corporate culture, the company has formed its own unique and distinct spirits – progress and innovation, unity and struggle.

Finally, we sincerely hope that Zhongshanshi Guangshen Chefeng zhiping Co., Ltd. will continue to make progress and development.

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